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Primavera Contractor

Make scheduling, reporting, and progress planning simple


As a contractor on complex projects, you must have the ability to communicate equally effectively with clients and subcontractors, continually providing accurate and up-todate status reports to project managers, while constantly assessing the progress and productivity of your subcontractors. Failure to do so can impair your ability to get paid on time. Oracle’s Primavera Contractor removes that worry by providing an affordable solution designed just for contractors that makes project scheduling, reporting, and planning easy.

Oracle's Primavera Contractor is an affordable solution specifically built for contractors that makes scheduling, reporting, and progress planning simple. As a contractor, the ability to build an effective schedule that everyone on your project can understand and use is crucial. Primavera Contractor allows you to continually communicate and provide accurate and up-to-date reports to the project manager as necessary throughout the project to ensure you get paid on time.

Note that Primavera Contractor is not supported on Windows 8 and above.



  • Expedite Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Better Synchronize Projects
  • Improve Productivity and Coordination
  • Ensure Accountability
  • Improve Every Aspect of Project Planning and Execution
  • Project Planning
  • Project Scheduling and Analysis
  • Schedule Coordination
  • Graphics and Reporting
  • Resource and Cost Management


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Oracle Primavera Contractor

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